Very soon the first hack on Arduino

We are ready to publish the first hack on Arduino, a development board you know for sure.

What’s the hack talking about, you’ll be wondering … well … it’s a very common topic you’ll face many time in your hacking activity. Often you have hardware limitation on performance of a specific device. This doesn’t mean you can’t do more things that those expected to. It’s the way you solve the problem that can put a limit on what you can do, but if you look at the same problem from a different perspective you can do it easily. A trivial example is sorting a number of items, depending on the algorithm you use you can get heavily different performances from O(n*log n) to O(n^2), and this make a big difference when n is not that small.

So in the first article you’ll learn how to get more from the limited resources of Arduino, but that’s just a hint for you to afford similar problems.

Be back soon!

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