Yearly Archive: 2021

uSVC Tutorial 7: Sound (part 3)

Introduction As we said in the first part of the tutorial dedicated to sound, the music in a game plays often a very big role. And maybe, of our favorite games, the soundtrack is what we remember most. In this… (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 6: Sound (part 2)

Introduction Last time we started our journey about producing sounds on uSVC. We hope that you played in the meantime with the various patch commands! If you are curious about some effects you might achieve, you can download the source… (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 5: Sound (part 1)

Introduction Even if you can create a game without sound, adding some effects or music will greatly improve its quality, the feel, and the player engagement. For instance, Chris Hülsbeck’s masterpieces made the Turrican saga what it is on Amiga,… (READ MORE)