Direct connection

How to interface a 5V output to a 3.3V input.

Many times we must interface 5V to 3.3V devices. This occurs very frequently on Arduino, but other applications need 5V to 3.3V ICs or systems to communicate. For instance, imagine you want to connect to your Arduino Uno, which works… (READ MORE)

Block diagram

How to play a 20 fps video on Arduino 1/6

Introduction Hi there! This is our first opening post! We wanted to start with a big bang, so in the next few weeks we will show you all the required steps to play an unlimited-length 20-fps 65536-color 160×128 pixel video,… (READ MORE)

Very soon the first hack on Arduino

We are ready to publish the first hack on Arduino, a development board you know for sure. What’s the hack talking about, you’ll be wondering … well … it’s a very common topic you’ll face many time in your hacking… (READ MORE)