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uSVC Tutorial 6: Sound (part 2)

Introduction Last time we started our journey about producing sounds on uSVC. We hope that you played in the meantime with the various patch commands! If you are curious about some effects you might achieve, you can download the source… (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 5: Sound (part 1)

Introduction Even if you can create a game without sound, adding some effects or music will greatly improve its quality, the feel, and the player engagement. For instance, Chris Hülsbeck’s masterpieces made the Turrican saga what it is on Amiga,… (READ MORE)

Emoncms Containers

Emoncms – customize it (II)

On the previous article of this section, we described how to perform a first customization on a LED widget on our nice Emoncms visualization interface. Now it’s time to go on and teach you some further hints, which aim is… (READ MORE)

Emoncms – customize it (I)

As well described on the home page of the project: “Emoncms is a powerful open-source web-app for processing, logging and visualising energy, temperature and other environmental data.”To explain a bit, Emoncms collects data from different sources and lets you store… (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 4: USB input

Hi there! Let’s continue with our tutorial series. This time we will explore another important part (maybe the most important in videogames?), i.e. the input. uSVC uses USB gamepads or keyboards as inputs. The USB stack we implemented is hot… (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 3: smooth scrolling

Hi there! In the previous posts, we dealt with static maps, and moving sprites… Now we want to “move the screen” too! We suggest you to use the last program you wrote on the previous tutorial, so that we will… (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 2: drawing sprites

Sprites What are sprites? Sprites are movable/dynamic graphics elements, typically the player, projectiles, enemies, bonuses, etc. As a such, they are extremely important, and in this tutorial we are going to show how to draw them on screen, using uSVC…. (READ MORE)

uSVC Tutorial 1: drawing tiles

Note! If this is your first project, please refer to the previous article, in order to setup Atmel Studio for uSVC. The goal of this first tutorial is to draw something onscreen, but before actually drawing something, you need some…… (READ MORE)